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Get the Smile of Your Dreams with the Help of Invisalign

Better than Braces!
Invisalign is the top-of-the-line alternative to braces that can align your teeth without having to worry about the typical bands, brackets, or pesky wires. With their advanced technology, you're able to straighten your teeth without interrupting your everyday schedule. The best part is that no one will even notice!
How does Invisalign Work?
Similar to retainers, Invisalign uses custom-made aligner trays. They're made of a flexible, clear material that's created personally for your smile. The aligners fit snug against your teeth so there's no movement in their place. As they work, the aligners will shift your teeth gradually and apply the force that's needed, where it's needed, until your teeth are in their new positioning and are properly adjusted to the new space.
Depending on your treatment plan and schedule, you'll receive a new set of aligners every two to four weeks that will continue to move your teeth in gradual, gentle motions until you reach the proper spot, as well as your ideal smile.
Benefits of Invisalign
With Invisalign, there is no pain while your teeth are shifting like patients could experience with traditional braces. It's a much more gradual process, so you won't feel the discomfort that is typically associated with metal wires.
One of the many reasons that patients choose Invisalign is practically in the name - they're extremely hard to notice! Because the aligners are custom-made to fit perfectly against your teeth, the clear material is very hard for people to notice.
Another great benefit of this treatment is that you won't have to make any major adjustments in your everyday schedule, including your diet. You're still able to eat and drink all of your favorite things - just be sure to REMOVE your Invisalign aligners before you do so to avoid any damage. Once you're finished eating or drinking, all you'll need to do is brush and floss your teeth and place your aligners right back in.
Average Invisalign treatment time is typically one year, but every patient's smile is different. Call Dr. Jean-Mary at (617) 547-1300 to schedule your consultation today!